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A fun approach to the piano for young children, from 3-7 years

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Nurturing children's creativity, confidence and love of music

Teaching musical skills through playful methods


  • One-to-one sessions in a private house in Beeston NG9, or online
  • All children welcome, including those with additional needs
  • Parents and carers generally stay to observe/support


Cost: 1st 5 sessions £15.00 for 30 minutes (including chat & feedback time) 

Further sessions £18.00 for 30 minutes

Longer lessons available on request.


Giving children opportunities and encouragement to

  • express themselves and develop their creativity
  • experiment and learn informally
  • learn musical concepts and healthy piano technique to suit their age and stage
  • increase their confidence and self-esteem through a positive and interactive approach
 Some things we might do together in a session...
  • Explore the keyboard: high and low, black and white etc.
  • Devise sound effects for imaginative play and stories
  • Listen to and play notes and chords
  • Have a keyboard race with a dice, to learn the names of the keys
  • Listen to and play with word rhythms, using favourite topics
  • Learn to play some enjoyable pieces by rote
  • Read basic rhythm notation cards
  • Start learning to read music through games and other activities
  • Hold musical conversations at the piano
  • Play copying games and simple duets
  • Accompany each other with drums and other percussion
  • Learn simple songs and how to play them on the piano
  • Finger play and finger workouts to develop co-ordination 
  • Start to work with piano method books such as Piano Adventures, Tales of a Musical Journey, Piano Safari etc.
...but it all depends on your child's motivation and interests
 Children can learn a huge amount by following their own interests
with skilled feedback and guidance.
Wendy's Playful Piano 
encourages and develops 
enthusiasm, curiosity, creativity and musicality.